Gmail’s new people widget might be the latest step in Google’s plan to build a social network

Gmail’s new people widget might be the latest step in Google’s plan to build a social network.

Google and Facebook, each of them giants and the best in what they do.  I prefer Google over any other Search Engine.  It gives me the best results.  Facebook is the best social network.  For one to dominate the other will take some time.

I agree, however, the internet search leaders approach to work in “layers” of social networking to its sites and not unveil a flashy product is best.

For one to dominate the other, I believe would take some time for the following reasons:

  • Google:  Google Analytics, Adwords, Adsense etc
  • Facebook:  Advertising, Fan Pages, Social Networking and the email system(for what it’s worth)

In my opinion, I wish Google would stay the leading giant in search engines and Facebook, the leading giant in social networking.  What is your opinion?

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Myspace is Dead…. Can it be resurrected?

What led to the demise of Myspace?  Can life be brought back to the once popular site?

When I went over to Facebook, I was very disappointed about how little you could actually do there.  You could not do anything with your profile especially.  How many of us made constant tweaks to our Myspace profiles?  It was great!

When half the internet decided to jump ship, there was no declaration of war from Myspace, who could have claimed that our links went to spam or worse.  They made their groups unusable and finally took them away completely.  If Myspace wants to get back on track, they should stop taking functionality away!

So what, there were a few fake login pages.  Anyone that got their profile phished learned a valuable lesson for the rest of their online activities.  Myspace could have and should have dealt with that issue with education instead of declaring war on links.  They could have simply deleted those spammers and phishing profiles and encouraged people to maintain their own comments.

Myspace needs to be less restrictive and more fun again!  How long has it been since you have worked on your Myspace profile?

Myspace should focus on a niche.  Go back to being a base for bands again and stop trying to compete with Facebook.  Evolve into something new.  Maybe they should stop working against Facebook and work with them instead.

What do you think?

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4 Twitter Hashtag Tools to Help You Make Sense of it All

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You have your new Twitter account and everything is great until you become overwhelmed with all the new Twitter lingo.  It happens to the best of us.  We were all there at one time or another.  Most new Twitter users agree, the hashtag, a topic with the hash symbol (#), seems to be the most confusing.  Twitter hashtags, such as #IndyMusic, help spread information on Twitter while keeping it organized at the same time.

Identifying Twitter Hashtags

Even for the veteran, figuring out what a specific hashtag is being used for can be quite confusing.  Luckily, there are some awesome tools to help us figure things out:

  1. Twubs:  This handy little tool uses a Wiki system to help figure hashtags out.  It aggregates Tweets and imports pictures to illuminate the topics being discussed.
  2. Tagalus:  Is a hashtag dictionary.  It is very easy to find information on thousands of hashtags as defined by other users.  You can also define a hashtag by tweeting tagalus.
  3. What the Trend?  This is probably the easiest tool to use.  When something starts trending, it provides a quick blurb about what is going on.
  4.  This tool is great about showing you a tags use over time and recent tweets.  This is usually enough information to help you understand what the tag is all about.


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How to Budget Your Time and Make the Most of Your Social Media Presence

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The first thing you want to take into consideration is your goals.  What is it that you are hoping to accomplish?  Are you trying to drive traffic to your site?  Generate leads?  By selecting specific goals, you will be able to target your efforts.

Define Target Networks

Make sure you have accounts set-up on all your target networks.  Consider creating a Twitter account for your company, a Linkedin account, and Facebook Page.  You should encourage your employees to set up personal accounts on each.  Quora is a good one for them to utilize as well.

Let’s start with Facebook.  The three things you need to be monitoring on Facebook are as follows:

  • Wall Posts
  • Comments
  • Likes

You should also react to important posts in your News Feed and ensure your posts are showing up in the News Feeds of others.


What type of  information and Tweets should you be monitoring?

  • Questions about your company.
  • Questions about your industry.
  • Help requests.
  • Complaints
  • Feedback
  • Praise
  • Competitor mentions


Over 100 million professionals around the world use Linkedin, their intent is for networking, recruiting, content promotion, and thought leadership.  With this in mind, you should monitor the following:

  • Linkedin Answers
  • Group discussions


Quora is relatively new but its popularity is growing.  It is the place to get questions and answers.  What should you monitor?

  • Question relevant to your business and industry.
  • Relevant topics


Blogs should be a major part of your Social Media and Marketing strategyMaintaining a blog is a great way to create content that drives visitors to your website.  Make sure you are tracking:

  • Blog Articles
  • Comments
  • Links
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How to Increase Your StumbleUpon Followers


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Having been a member of StumbleUpon since the beginning of time it seems.  I still did not have a great number of followers.  An active member, I decided to put some theories to the test.

Here are the ways to increase your followers on StumbleUpon:

  1. Submit good discoveries.  This is the number one way to increase your followers.  It is also very important to remember when you do submit a discovery to take the time to summarize your site submission and tag appropriately.
  2. Follow those who follow you.  Follow other people and they will follow you.
  3. Offer Stumble Lovin’.  Send messages to people who have submitted good stumbles and automatically they will love you back.
  4. Like or comment the discoveries of others.  People like being noticed.  They want to know their interest in a Stumble is shared by others.  Offer feedback and they will do the same for you.
  5. Always configure your profile correctly.  This is key to every Social site.  Be sure your profile is updated and personable.  People want to know you are as real as they are.

Comment back with your tips and advice so I can add them to the list.  Keep on Stumblin!

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Top 10 Tips To Use Social Media Effectively

Semiotics of Social Networking

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Everyday more of us are realizing that we need to create a relationship with Social Media.  We need to find boundaries and practices that make our engagement work for us.  As Social Media marketing grows it has become clear that it has an impact on a site’s SEO.  SEO Alien has an awesome Hub on “Getting Started in Social Media.”

Here are 10 Tips to Use Social Media Effectively:

  1. Do not go Social Media crazy and sign up for many Social Networking sites all at once.  You need to join each site one at a time.  Take time to build a relationship with and through that site.  Actively engage with them and cultivate a relationship while making your name and what you are about known.
  2. Create your Social Networking profile.  There are literally 100’s of Social Networking sites with different kinds of audiences.  Only create profile’s on the ones that you are going to be actively involved. with.  An active profile is worth so much more in the long run so don’t create the profile just to get the link.
  3. Incorporate Keywords into your Tweets and Posts.  When you submit a link to Facebook it gives you the opportunity to add a short description.  It is important that you draw attention through this description while adding a keyword or keyword phrase.  Don’t over optimize.
  4. Drive traffic to your main site.  Your Social Media profiles should serve as gateways to your main site.
  5. Be a valuable resource.  Provide links to sites within your niche.  Become friends with your competitors interlinking and networking is a powerful resource.
  6. Bring content not noise.  If you want them to love you update with medium frequency and awesome content.
  7. Budget your time.  Social Networking can be addictive.  Decide how much time you want to invest (at least an hour a day).  Spend the rest of this time producing stellar content.
  8. Build Rapport.  People want to know you are a real person.  Be sure to comment back on your blog and comment on others.  Ask for feedback and then respond to it and act on it.
  9. Stop linking to your home page.  Instead of linking to your home page, why not link to your about me page instead?  It seems so much more personable.
  10. Write something great and let the rest happen naturally.  If you are producing awesome content, people will like what you have to say and share it.  When they do, the search engines will take notice too.

When done the correct way, Social Media can grow your business better than any other resource.  Do you have any tips or advice you would like to share?  If so, be sure to comment back and I will add them to the list.

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