Google News: Google discontinues their first specialized search engines

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Do you remember Google Mac, Google Linux, and Google Microsoft? They were some of the most popular specialized searches back in the day based on operating systems. No longer popular, the company has decided to lay them to rest.

A Google employee confirmed the news.

In the early days, you could search and find information from message boards and blogs about the Microsoft operating system. Today, however, it is much easier to simply search for Microsoft upgrades from the regular search box. Not only do you get better results, it just makes more sense because search quality has changed tremendously and the results are so much better.

To read more about this article, please visit GOS where you can find unofficial news and tips about Google.

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SEO Basics: How inbound links increase your page ranking

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The way search engines work is simple.  They index every word on your website.  They index every word on every website.  They also make note of every link going from your Web site to everyone else’s Web site; this is how they magically find other Web pages to index. Then, when you do a search, the pages with the most search term matches appear higher in the rankings.
Of course, there are a few other things going on: certain instances of the search terms are more valuable than others. The page title (what appears in the top bar of the window) is more important than the tiny-sized words at the bottom of the page. And your prior searching history is also now taken into account. Precisely how the various factors are weighted is a big mystery, and the algorithm changes from time to time.

Page Ranking is also determined by inbound links.

Inbound links are an absolutely critical ingredient for a higher ranking, more important than any other factor, with the exception of the search terms themselves. This suggests a critical Web site marketing strategy: solicit as many inbound links as possible from as many high-traffic sites as possible.

RSS feeds allows for the syndication of your content elsewhere on the internet.  it’s not just people who can subscribe to your RSS feed; other Web sites can do so too, broadcasting your content even farther. This is how most portal pages, such as MSN, Google, and Yahoo!, allow you to pull in content from other sources. In fact, there are a number of sites (Digg, Technorati, etc.) that exist only to index and categorize blog postings and make them available to yet even more people.
Here is why this is relevant: if you are clever enough to add links back to your Web site from within your Social Media and blog postings, you can generate literally hundreds and hundreds of inbound links, all from high-traffic sites. If you post your content on multiple Social Media sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, your own blog, others’ blogs, etc.), with links to your Web site embedded, these inbound links will multiply even further. Then, as if by magic, your search engine rankings will increase.

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Eyez Video Glasses Stream Everything You Do to Social Media Sites

Eyez Video Glasses Stream Everything You Do to Social Media Sites.

I do believe I have heard it all now.  A pair of glasses that videos everything you are seeing and transmitting the video straight to Social Media sites for the whole world to see.  Now, could that not get pretty interesting or what?

Developers at ZionEyez are calling their invention Eyez.  Simple enough I suppose.  As I sit here contemplating the article, I am trying to run through a typical day in the life of me to figure out what I would be streaming to the WWW of everything Social.

Things that make you go hhhhhmmmm.  Sounds kind of dangerous to me……  Fun but Dangerous.

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Socialopia Forum: A Place for Members to Share, Ask Questions, & Provide Support

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I am really excited about Socialopia’s newest feature.  Socialopia Forum is a place where readers can ask questions about SEO, Social Media, and spread love for their fellow followers by providing Forum Love.

There are 3 forum categories so far and they are as follows:

Search Engine Optimization

The forums within this category are Tips and Tricks, Search Engines, Analytics, and Content and Copywriting.

Social Media

Which is everything Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs, and any other Social Media site that you would like to discuss.

Socialopia Social

This is a place where you can help to support and promote your followers.  Within this category, you will find Social News sites, Bookmarking, Blogs, and Hub Pages.  All you have to do is provide your link and let your friends here at Socialopia provide you with the same Forum Love

If there are any suggestions that you would like to make regarding the forum, I would love for you to do so at anytime.

Be sure to check it out at Socialopia Forum or simply click on the Forum tab at the top of this page.  Register today and be a part of a growing community that will provide a stellar amount of knowledge for readers and you can show those who support you some forum love by helping to support them.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at anytime.  I would love your input and suggestions!

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Let SEO Alien Get You to the Top of Search Engines

Complete Guide to SEO

Image by infographiclabs via Flickr

I know that I keep bragging about Hub Pages but as I said in my “Buddy of the Week Post;” I have met so many wonderful people that I would not have had it not been for Hub Pages.  Recently, I had the opportunity to write a guest post, “Understanding and Participating in Online Communities,” for SEO Alien.  I would like to introduce my readers to the SEO Alien.  I have really learned a lot from reading his Hubs about SEO and his SEO-Alien website is a plethora of awesome information.

Articles on his website that I would love for you to check out:

And this is just to name of a few.  There are many more informative articles well worth taking the time to sit down and read.

There are also Tips and Tricks:

So, How can SEO-Alien help you?

He can show you how to get straight to the top of Search Engines that is how.  Check out this testimonial from one of his customers:

“I would just like to talk about S.E.O Alien for a moment if I may, they have proven themselves to be a company you can trust and they do what they say their going to do!
I would like to thank you for creating my blog and optimizing it they way you have, tremendous work!. There is no question in my mind that you are going places, and i wish the best of luck to you in all of it’s form.
Once again Thank you very much for such great work!.”

Peter B – Lake Wales Fl.

Read more AWESOME testimonials.  Be sure to visit his Facebook Page as well!

In closing, I would like to say that I am honored to have met such a knowledgeable, sincere, and caring person.  Not only that, he took the time to help me on several things and allowed me to write a guest post for his website.

Without a doubt, SEO Alien is going places and I am most grateful to have made such a friend.  Thank you Mike!  Thank you for everything!

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Top 10 LinkedIn Resources

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As you continue building your LinkedIn presence, you might want to take advantage of additional Web sites I’ve rounded up a list of ten Internet resources that can provide extra information or functionality regarding your LinkedIn activities. Whether you use one or use them all, I’m sure you can find the resources that best match up to the way you like to learn and grow online.

  1. The Official LinkedIn Blog Mario Sundar, previously a LinkedIn “evangelist” who promoted the company on his own blog, was hired by LinkedIn to run its official company blog. Every week, Mario and various LinkedIn employees put up fun, informative, and timely blog posts about new functions or changes to the site, as well as success stories, case studies, and practical information to make your LinkedIn experience that much more rewarding!
  2. My Virtual Power Forum,  a “networking and discussion group about building professional social media networks at ultimate networker speed.”
    Membership is open and free, but the forum members stress that you
    should consider their recommendations for using LinkedIn to build your network.
  3. LinkedIn Lions Forum.  These are LinkedIn users who hope to network with
    as many people as possible and accept Introductions and Invitations from
    anybody. Some LIONs have started their own Yahoo! group to swap ideas,
    grow their networks, and talk about their open networking experiences.
    Although not all of their information will apply to every visitor, they have still
    built up a lively discussion of all things LinkedIn.  Similar to My Virtual Power Forum, this is a Yahoo! group that you can join for free and participate in openly.
  4. My Link Wiki.  has users commenting and updating on the width and breadth of LinkedIn’s functionality and usefulness.  As you become more familiar with LinkedIn, you can contribute to this growing community as well!
  5. RSS Feeds With Google Reader.  Many active LinkedIn users maintain an RSS feed for their profile, so their friends and connections can get a list of the changes and updates. You can create an RSS feed of your Network Updates, so you can keep track of your first-degree connections on LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn Answers provides RSS feeds for the growing number of categories that contain questions and answers from the community.
  6. Linked Intelligence Blog.  When LinkedIn was growing a few years ago, blogger Scott Allen put together a site called LinkedIntelligence to cover LinkedIn and its many uses. Over the years, he built up a healthy amount of blog posts, links, and valuable information from himself and other bloggers regarding LinkedIn and how to use it.  One of his more ambitious projects started in May 2007, simply dubbed 100+ Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn. Allen had bloggers compete to provide valuable information and tips across all of LinkedIn’s functions, and he created a table of contents of the best entries on his blog site. You can still find this handy resource at:
  7. Podcast Network Connections.  The staggering popularity of the Apple iPod gave rise to a new way of broadcasting audio information to eager listeners — the podcast. Think of the podcast as a recorded audio broadcast that you can download to your iPod, computer, MP3 player, or other device. You can subscribe to engaging and unique podcasts, regardless of where in the world they are recorded and played.
  8. My Link Search Engine.  A couple of years ago, Marc Freedman wanted a better way to search through LinkedIn and related LinkedIn Web sites. Rather than going through different sites manually, he created the MyLinkSearch search engine, which is a part of Google Co-Op. This custom search engine digs through 21 different Web sites, including LinkedIn and their extensive database of users, and displays one list of relevant results.
  9. Linked In a Box.  For many Internet users, their LinkedIn profile is simply one aspect of their overall online identities. However, some of these users have built up impressive LinkedIn profiles and, rather than duplicating the information on their other Web sites, would rather display their LinkedIn profiles dynamically
    across their online identities, so any changes to their LinkedIn profiles will
    ripple out automatically to these other sites without lots of work.
  10. Hello Text.  If you’re active on LinkedIn and other social networking sites (like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many others), you may find yourself going site to site to provide up-to-the-minute information about what you’re doing and what you want others to know. Well, instead of site hopping, you can use one
    function to update your status across all your social networking pages and
    microblogs. It’s called Hello TXT.  Hello TXT works like this: You log on to the site and enter your text message into the dashboard. You then select the sites you want to update with your new status message, and Hello TXT does the rest, reaching out to your various pages to add your new status message.
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Hub Pages Buddy of the Week

Every week from now on, I will feature a fellow Hubber from Hub Pages for those of you who read this blog to check out.  This weeks Hub Love goes to a very talented writer known as epigramman.  Be sure to check out some of his hubs they are awesome!  Thanks epi for being a friend!  I have met some pretty awesome people via Hub Pages and epigramman is one of the best!

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How to increase traffic with social news and bookmarking sites.

The Social Media Marketers VotingSite


What can Social News and Bookmarking Sites Do For You?

Social Media News and Bookmarking Sites are a great way to drive thousands of visitors and hundreds of links to your Hub Pages or website.

How do Social News and Bookmarking Sites Work?

Social News Sites are websites that allow users to submit and vote on content from around the Web. This voting activity helps isolate the most interesting links. Marketers have found these sites to be very useful for generating buzz and traffic around specific campaigns or articles, but direct marketing on social news sites is typically frowned upon.

Social bookmarking sites are similar to social news sites, but the value presented to users is focused onallowing them to collect and store interesting links they’ve found and may wish to revisit. Most bookmarking sites count the number of times a piece of content has been stored and interpret these as votes to highlight the most valuable links.

1st social media site to wield server-crushing amounts of traffic, known as the Slashdot Effect,
1st social media site to wield server-crushing amounts of traffic, known as the Slashdot Effect,


Elements of Social Media Useful for Marketers

Social news sites focus on delivering the latest news based on votes. Bookmarking sites allow users to save links for later reading; the number of saves counts as votes and the most popular links are displayed.

These sites all have certain elements that are useful to marketers:

  • Your Profile. Social news and bookmarking sites each have slight variations regarding user profiles. For those that allow you to upload an avatar image (and most do), you should use the same image across all sites; this should also be consistent across social networks and any other sites where you have a profile. Fill out as much profile information as you can. The more active and consistent you are in contributing to a site, the more valuable your account will become.
  • Submitting. To get your content listed on a social news site, you have to submit it. During the submission process, you’ll be asked to provide a headline, a short description of the content of the page, the category it should be listed in, and some tags to describe it. Most communities frown on people who submit their own content, so avoid doing this. Instead, cultivate a community of active social news users on your site, and display links for them to submit your content. Making friends with power users is also a great idea.
  • Voters. The central action of interest to marketers on social news sites is voting. Different sites call it different things, and some don’t even specifically label it, but the idea is the same: a piece of content is submitted to a site, and other users vote on it, either up or down. Many social news sites offer badges that you can copy and paste onto your site. Once your content has been submitted to one of these bookmarking sites, add a badge to your page so that your readers can vote it up or down without leaving your site. These buttons are great for promoting your content. You should place them as prominently on your content as you can when you think that a specific page has a good chance of doing well on a certain social site.
  • Linkerati. Coined by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, the term linkerati refers to a class of individuals on the Web who are more likely than other users to have their own blogs or websites where they can link to content they find interesting. When marketing to social news sites, the linkerati are your target, as many of them frequent these sites and will blog about content they find there.
  • Going Pop. The ultimate goal of marketing on social news sites is to get your content listed as “popular.” Voting sites have sections, typically on their home page, where they display the content that has been voted as most popular. Once a page has enough votes and is exposed to a larger audience, it will often start an avalanche of increasing vote counts; stories that have gone popular often have many more votes than those that have not.

Content Types That Work On Social Voting Sites

  1. Lists. Top 10 types of lists give off the scent of easy-to-read content, and people love to rank things. Write a list of the 10 best, the 7 worst, the 9 geekiest, or the 5 most expensive things in your industry.
  2. Breaking News. When big news breaks, it appears in the popular lists on most voting sites quickly. If you can be the first to write about something big happening, you’ll have a good shot at going popular.
  3. Games. Casual games that can be played in a browser window do well on these types of sites. Simple,addictive games can be developed with minimal investment by most coders.
  4. Controversy. Social media users love to argue; if you can present a well-constructed argument against a commonly held belief, you can get lots of votes. This works well when used against corporations, groups, or people perceived as “bad.”
  5. Videos and Photos. Short videos and surprising photographs (especially in collections) are easy and quick for viewers to consume, and are well received by social news and voting sites.

Popular Social News and Bookmarking Sites

  1. Digg is the most popular social news site and the standard by which all others are measured. It is the most well-known site of its kind, and although it has made great strides to include nongeeky news, its core users are now and always have been twentysomething male techies.
  2. Reddit. Perennially in second place in the social voting race, Reddit still drives substantial amounts of traffic. And, as opposed to the all-or-nothing nature of Digg, Reddit sends some traffic to stories that don’t quite go pop.
  3. StumbleUpon. Perhaps the most mainstream social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon also differs from the standard voting site interface. Rather than a front page with a list of popular links, StumbleUpon lets users interact with it through a browser plug-in that allows them to “stumble” from page to page across the Web with the click of a button. When you see a page you like anywhere on the Internet, you click on a thumbs-up
    icon—as opposed to the thumbs-down icon for bad content.
  4. Delicious focuses on storing your bookmarked links, and its social functionality takes a bit of a back seat. Bookmarking a page counts as a vote, and there is no down-voting mechanism. Stories that are saved enough times in a day or two (the exact threshold varies, but it is a bit more than 100) are shown on the Delicious front page and get a few thousand hits.

Niche Sites

Each of the most well-known popular social news sites has its own audience likes and dislikes; and as a site gains notoriety, it becomes increasingly difficult for content to go popular. If your site does not fit neatly into the profile of one of the big sites, you can try to create content that serves those niches while being only obliquely related to your business, or you can target one of the smaller, niche social news and voting sites.

The following list is in no way exhaustive, but is meant to demonstrate the wide range of social news and bookmarking sites on the Web:

  • Kirtsy Referred to by some as “Digg for girls,” Kirtsy has categories for crafts, parenting, fashion, and food. If your target audience is women, Kirtsy is a good place to start.
  • Tip’d focuses on finance, investing, and business. Check it out if want to get your content in front of investors.
  • Sphinn. This search and social media marketer’s voting site, Sphinn includes
    stories about SEO, PPC, domaining, and affiliate marketing.
  • Hacker News Grown out of the funding firm Y Combinator, Hacker News carries technical content and “anything that a hacker might find interesting.”
  • Care2 This sites goal is to make the world a better place through green living. The site has news about a variety of causes, including animal welfare and environmental policy.
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Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day by Dave Evans

Cover of "Social Media Marketing: An Hour...

Cover of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

What steps can we take to budget our time wisely and not be consumed with Social Media?  In Social Media Marketing:  An Hour a Day, Dave Evans offers a step-by-step solution and it all begins with formulating a plan.

This is a very good book.  I have read many books on Social Media and Social Media Marketing but none of them compare.  Dave’s book is written in a workbook format, a concept that I have not seen during my readings until Dave’s book.  Not only is his book very well written it is filled with useful content.  It has 14 chapters split into the following four parts or sections:

I. The Foundation of Social Media
II. Month 1: Prepare for Social Marketing
III. Month 2: Social Media Channels
IV. Month 3: Complete Your Plan

Two books similar to this one on how to put together a business plan are: “16 Weeks to Your Dream Business” (ISBN: 9780071588362, and “Self Employment: From Dream to Reality” (ISBN: 1563709228). And a book similar to this one on how to put together a fundraising plan is: “The Fundraising Planner” (ISBN: 0787944351). The instant book being reviewed touches on the marketing issues of social media, and then devises a systematic approach to putting together a social media marketing plan customized to your small business.

Each of the 14 chapters ended with a summary section. I found it very easy to cruise through this book by first reading the summary sections and then tackling the rest of the book after having a pretty good idea of what was being covered.

After reading this book, you will have developed a plan and decided whether to use Technorati, MySpace, Socialvibe, Flickr, Facebook, Friendster, Linkedin, and/or YouTube. Technorati is the tunnel through which to learn more about the blog or blogs you will create.

Anyone who seeks to build their company’s social marketing plan definitely needs to read this book.  Bravo Dave Evan’s

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