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As you continue building your LinkedIn presence, you might want to take advantage of additional Web sites I’ve rounded up a list of ten Internet resources that can provide extra information or functionality regarding your LinkedIn activities. Whether you use one or use them all, I’m sure you can find the resources that best match up to the way you like to learn and grow online.

  1. The Official LinkedIn Blog Mario Sundar, previously a LinkedIn “evangelist” who promoted the company on his own blog, was hired by LinkedIn to run its official company blog. Every week, Mario and various LinkedIn employees put up fun, informative, and timely blog posts about new functions or changes to the site, as well as success stories, case studies, and practical information to make your LinkedIn experience that much more rewarding!
  2. My Virtual Power Forum,  a “networking and discussion group about building professional social media networks at ultimate networker speed.”
    Membership is open and free, but the forum members stress that you
    should consider their recommendations for using LinkedIn to build your network.
  3. LinkedIn Lions Forum.  These are LinkedIn users who hope to network with
    as many people as possible and accept Introductions and Invitations from
    anybody. Some LIONs have started their own Yahoo! group to swap ideas,
    grow their networks, and talk about their open networking experiences.
    Although not all of their information will apply to every visitor, they have still
    built up a lively discussion of all things LinkedIn.  Similar to My Virtual Power Forum, this is a Yahoo! group that you can join for free and participate in openly.
  4. My Link Wiki.  has users commenting and updating on the width and breadth of LinkedIn’s functionality and usefulness.  As you become more familiar with LinkedIn, you can contribute to this growing community as well!
  5. RSS Feeds With Google Reader.  Many active LinkedIn users maintain an RSS feed for their profile, so their friends and connections can get a list of the changes and updates. You can create an RSS feed of your Network Updates, so you can keep track of your first-degree connections on LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn Answers provides RSS feeds for the growing number of categories that contain questions and answers from the community.
  6. Linked Intelligence Blog.  When LinkedIn was growing a few years ago, blogger Scott Allen put together a site called LinkedIntelligence to cover LinkedIn and its many uses. Over the years, he built up a healthy amount of blog posts, links, and valuable information from himself and other bloggers regarding LinkedIn and how to use it.  One of his more ambitious projects started in May 2007, simply dubbed 100+ Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn. Allen had bloggers compete to provide valuable information and tips across all of LinkedIn’s functions, and he created a table of contents of the best entries on his blog site. You can still find this handy resource at:
  7. Podcast Network Connections.  The staggering popularity of the Apple iPod gave rise to a new way of broadcasting audio information to eager listeners — the podcast. Think of the podcast as a recorded audio broadcast that you can download to your iPod, computer, MP3 player, or other device. You can subscribe to engaging and unique podcasts, regardless of where in the world they are recorded and played.
  8. My Link Search Engine.  A couple of years ago, Marc Freedman wanted a better way to search through LinkedIn and related LinkedIn Web sites. Rather than going through different sites manually, he created the MyLinkSearch search engine, which is a part of Google Co-Op. This custom search engine digs through 21 different Web sites, including LinkedIn and their extensive database of users, and displays one list of relevant results.
  9. Linked In a Box.  For many Internet users, their LinkedIn profile is simply one aspect of their overall online identities. However, some of these users have built up impressive LinkedIn profiles and, rather than duplicating the information on their other Web sites, would rather display their LinkedIn profiles dynamically
    across their online identities, so any changes to their LinkedIn profiles will
    ripple out automatically to these other sites without lots of work.
  10. Hello Text.  If you’re active on LinkedIn and other social networking sites (like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many others), you may find yourself going site to site to provide up-to-the-minute information about what you’re doing and what you want others to know. Well, instead of site hopping, you can use one
    function to update your status across all your social networking pages and
    microblogs. It’s called Hello TXT.  Hello TXT works like this: You log on to the site and enter your text message into the dashboard. You then select the sites you want to update with your new status message, and Hello TXT does the rest, reaching out to your various pages to add your new status message.

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