Myspace is Dead…. Can it be resurrected?

What led to the demise of Myspace?  Can life be brought back to the once popular site?

When I went over to Facebook, I was very disappointed about how little you could actually do there.  You could not do anything with your profile especially.  How many of us made constant tweaks to our Myspace profiles?  It was great!

When half the internet decided to jump ship, there was no declaration of war from Myspace, who could have claimed that our links went to spam or worse.  They made their groups unusable and finally took them away completely.  If Myspace wants to get back on track, they should stop taking functionality away!

So what, there were a few fake login pages.  Anyone that got their profile phished learned a valuable lesson for the rest of their online activities.  Myspace could have and should have dealt with that issue with education instead of declaring war on links.  They could have simply deleted those spammers and phishing profiles and encouraged people to maintain their own comments.

Myspace needs to be less restrictive and more fun again!  How long has it been since you have worked on your Myspace profile?

Myspace should focus on a niche.  Go back to being a base for bands again and stop trying to compete with Facebook.  Evolve into something new.  Maybe they should stop working against Facebook and work with them instead.

What do you think?

About Nicole Griffin Eakin

Born in Columbus, Georgia at Fort Benning, my mother and I moved back to our hometown of Scottsboro, Alabama. My mother is my hero and the best role model a person could have. After she and my father divorced, she remarried and had 2 more children. We moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia after the tragic loss of my step father, where my family still resides. I am the oldest of 7 children. We call ourselves The Brady Bunch. I began writing as a form of self expression. Married and Divorced, I moved back to our hometown of Scottsboro. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. Wyatt, who 14 years old and begging for his motorcycle license. Which is not about to happen! My daughter Savanna, age 7, is the child that is most likely to one day break my heart. She is my mini-me. Daisy, age 2, will probably be the most mischievious of the three. She loves to sing! Children are a gift from God and I have definately been blessed! I have saved everything ever written which chronicles different periods in my life for them to have one day. Not to be read by them until they are much, much older! I have been asked numerous times why I did not write my life story. I remember thinking – Are you nuts…..!!?? As I have gotten older, I have decided that maybe one day....... I sure do not want anyone telling it for me! .
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