How to Increase Your StumbleUpon Followers


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Having been a member of StumbleUpon since the beginning of time it seems.  I still did not have a great number of followers.  An active member, I decided to put some theories to the test.

Here are the ways to increase your followers on StumbleUpon:

  1. Submit good discoveries.  This is the number one way to increase your followers.  It is also very important to remember when you do submit a discovery to take the time to summarize your site submission and tag appropriately.
  2. Follow those who follow you.  Follow other people and they will follow you.
  3. Offer Stumble Lovin’.  Send messages to people who have submitted good stumbles and automatically they will love you back.
  4. Like or comment the discoveries of others.  People like being noticed.  They want to know their interest in a Stumble is shared by others.  Offer feedback and they will do the same for you.
  5. Always configure your profile correctly.  This is key to every Social site.  Be sure your profile is updated and personable.  People want to know you are as real as they are.

Comment back with your tips and advice so I can add them to the list.  Keep on Stumblin!

About Nicole Griffin Eakin

Born in Columbus, Georgia at Fort Benning, my mother and I moved back to our hometown of Scottsboro, Alabama. My mother is my hero and the best role model a person could have. After she and my father divorced, she remarried and had 2 more children. We moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia after the tragic loss of my step father, where my family still resides. I am the oldest of 7 children. We call ourselves The Brady Bunch. I began writing as a form of self expression. Married and Divorced, I moved back to our hometown of Scottsboro. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. Wyatt, who 14 years old and begging for his motorcycle license. Which is not about to happen! My daughter Savanna, age 7, is the child that is most likely to one day break my heart. She is my mini-me. Daisy, age 2, will probably be the most mischievious of the three. She loves to sing! Children are a gift from God and I have definately been blessed! I have saved everything ever written which chronicles different periods in my life for them to have one day. Not to be read by them until they are much, much older! I have been asked numerous times why I did not write my life story. I remember thinking – Are you nuts…..!!?? As I have gotten older, I have decided that maybe one day....... I sure do not want anyone telling it for me! .
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