Top 5 Infographic Tools for Your Blog

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Infographics are becoming popular tools for blog creators and great for the short attention spans of internet users.

Here are infographic tools for you to check out for your blog:

  1. Hohli is a simple online chart maker great for pie charts and venn diagrams.
  2. Creately lets you make easy-to-make diagrams and flow charts (easy to collaborate too).
  3. Many Eyes lets you upload your own data or use data already stored on the site.
  4. Google Public Data lets you easily take public data and transform it into an infographic of your choice
  5. Wordle lets you create word visualisations using text you enter.
Remember to keep it simple.  If you have some infographic tools you would like to share feel free to comment back and share them.
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Hub Pages Hub Buddy of the Week

Let me introduce to you a hubber that I am very glad to have met via hub pages.  This hub friend is mkbirdbks.  This hubbers comments put a smile on my face every time I read them.  They are genuine and sincere.  Be sure to visit mkbirdbks profile and read some awesome hubs.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

mkbirdbks, I am honored to have met you and I thank you for all your support.


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How Local Businesses Connect to Customers via Social Media

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Are you connecting with your crowd?  You can learn to turn customers into raving fans by running campaigns and making them a recurring fixtures in your Social Media strategy.


How to turn customers into friends, fans and followers?

  1. Poll your Followers.  This is the fastest source of active conversation on any topic.  Ask them what types of recipes they want to see more of from your cooking show or what they want to see on this summers menu from your restaraunt.  Use Facebook Questions because it allows you to ask open-ended questions and create multiple choice polls.
  2. Trivia Promotions.  Consider offering reduced-price or free services as prizes for the first correct answer.  Be sure the platform you use has all the social media sharing tools built in so participants can use Facebook and Twitter to let their social networks know about the contest. After all, turning participants into promoters is one of the main reasons to run a crowdsourcing campaign in the first place.
  3. Ask for feedback(then do something about it).  Use Facebook discussions and ask an open-ended question.  Then have people vote on the best responses.


So don’t give up in the beginning if there is not a lot of participation.  Repeat the programs on a regular basis.   Trust that you have a clear understanding of the behaviors you’re trying to solicit and that your community is eager to participate.

So, are you connecting with your crowd?

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How to Optimize Your Reviews For Local SEO Edge

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Your descriptions in Google Places and Yelp are an absolute must for trust building and local SEO.  Local businesses should start stimulating reviews in all the right places to their marketing checklist.

Google has started indexing local search with phrases that go with things like reviews.  At the moment, this is just a Google Maps function because earlier this week they added descriptive terms to Google Map searches.  However, Google is claiming that it will spread to Place Search on and Google Maps for Mobile Soon.

Local businesses should start keyword phrases for those reviews people are so anxious to write!

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5 Keys to Social Media Marketing

Market Research Charts

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In today’s world, Social Media has allowed Marketers to stay connected with people throughout their day.  Connecting with people is the beginning.  Let’s look at the best practices for reaching your business goals.

Here are the 5 Keys to Social Media Marketing:

  1. Plan your strategy.  Social Media should be part of your broader Marketing efforts and how you reach your business goals.
  2. Create an authentic brand voice.  Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter are ideal places to bring your brand personality to life.
  3. Make it interactive.  Always engage and share with others. Engage in 2-way conversations.  What about your brand is social?  Use your answer to create content that people want to pass along to others.
  4. Nurture your relationships.  Always keep content fresh and reward people for their loyalty through deals and promotions.
  5. Keep learning.  Use reporting tools to find out about your friends and followers and the content and products they find most interesting.
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Google announces SEO-friendly Instant Pages « News [Brafton]

Google announces SEO-friendly Instant Pages « News [Brafton].

Google Instant Pages rewards top search results and users will be able to access information on the top pages faster.  Chrome beta users should already have access to its features.  Everyone else will have to wait a couple weeks.

The Instant Pages feature will be great for users because it will allow them faster access to desired content but for SEO marketers, the new feature has just made their jobs a little harder.


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How to plan a poll for your Social Media Strategy

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Marketing is not an art, contrary to popular belief, it is a science.  Marketers collect data, look at it, and then change their activities to show what they learn.

Polls and surveys, if planned right, can be a marketers most powerful tool.

How to plan a poll?

  1. Consider the nature of the problem area along with the group of people being polled.
  2. Outline a basic question.  For effective results, specific questions must be asked.  Figure out how to place yourself and how to communicate effectively.
  3. How you ask the questions plays a major factor.  Some researchers claim that open-ended questions show more of the real attitudes and opinions of the respondents.  They do not force them to make a decision which doesn’t show their actual feelings.  A forced choice question(multiple) is said to more reliable, less ambiguous, and that they successfully avoid subjective bias.  If the primary purpose of the poll is exploratory, the open-ended question might best be used.
  4. Respect the data.  Asking the right “what” questions are most useful when you use them to frame the all important question, “Why.”  The importance of “Why” is this:  Why moves you from cognition to connection from simply seeing what is happening to understanding the relationship of one event or trend to  another.

Polls are an extraordinary tool for marketers because by asking specific questions, the right way, they do not have to make assumptions.  By not having to assume anything they are able to analyze the results of the poll and without hesitation make necessary and effective changes.

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Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all hav

Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all have a great day!

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Top 10 Tools for Bloggers and Website Owners

  1. Embedly.  This cool tool allows you to embed just about anything into your blog.  The first step is to download and install the Embedly plugin. Activate the plugin and you can select what services you want to enable from the Embedly menu in the WordPress dashboard.  Paste URL’s into your posts it is as simple as that.
  2. Social Sharing.  Add social sharing to your website by adding a catchall service like Share this or Add to Any The downside is that these buttons may not have the big, call-to-action impact of a Twitter or Facebook stand-alone button. And they may not give you a count of the number of shares. The upside is that you can’t really screw them up too much. If your site is prone to clutter, this might be a good idea for you. Most of these services will also give you a decent dashboard for analytics.
  3. Rapportive, makers of a Gmail add-on for inbox social intelligence, stood up to Google last week by integrating with Gmail’s people widget — said by some to be a Rapportive-killer.  Rapportive’s turbo-charged Twitter features will work on the Twitter notification emails you get for follows, mentions and direct messages. Now when you receive a notification email from Twitter that so-and-so is following you, you can follow the person back inside the message itself.
  4. AddThis has launched a new way for publishers to track the sharing that happens in its simplest form — copying and pasting a URL from the address bar and then sharing it out to a social network, email or IM.  This is an awesome tool for social sharing.
  5. Google Calendar is a cool online tool to use and check out it’s new feature called appointment slots.  In addition to regular events, you can reserve a certain amount of time in your calendar for appointments. To do that, click anywhere on the calendar and switch from Events to Appointment Slots at the top of the new event bubble.
  6. Evernote.  Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see.
  7. HootSuite.  Save your time and your sanity. Monitor and post to multiple social networks, including Facebook and Twitter using the HootSuite dashboard.
  8. Feedly  Tune into your favorite sources and discover new ones.
  9. 280 Slides.  A really cool presentation tool publishes directly to SlideShare.
  10. Wufoo.  Create free surveys and forms.
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Hub Pages Buddy of The Week

This week I am featuring two women that are fellow Hubbers.  Marellen is the first Hub Buddy I would like for everyone meet.  She writes wonderful down to earth Hubs.  She always makes it a point to comment on the Hubs of her friends and she is just a really sweet person and I am very fortunate to have met her via Hub Pages.  Please be sure to visit the above link to her profile and read some of her delightful Hubs.

The second Hub Buddy of the week is a super sweet woman with Hubs as beautiful as her personality her name is vocalcoach.  I am honored to have met such an extraordinary woman.  She writes some awesome hubs so visit her profile and read them.  It will be well worth your time.

I would like to thank both of these women for all their wonderful support, beautiful comments, awesome hubs, for putting a smile on my face, and for being my friend.  Thank you marellen!  Thank you vocalcoach!  I am truly honored to have met you both!

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